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    Was Jesus Literate?

    Sure, Jesus was literate! How do we know? It was on a Sabbath day; Jesus was in the synagogue and he was handed the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. We know that Jesus knew how to read because in Luke 4:16-19, he “found the place where it is written” and he read that passage out. He would not have been able to find that passage in the scroll if he did not know how to read and of course, he could not have read it aloud either if he could not read! We also see that Jesus knew how to write because in Jn 8:6b, 8 Jesus wrote on the…

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    Drawing Near to JESUS This Christmas

    The month of December it’s the Christmas season & it’s time for the church to re-claim the true meaning of Christmas from how the world has usurped it. I am reminded of Psalm 77 and of these verses (11-15).

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    Holy Communion

    When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper this Sunday, we will make use of pre-packed elements (at our in-person service). These will be available before the entrance to the hall and you may take one as you enter. Here are the steps to partake the Holy Communion. This resources are provided to you by Communion Culture.

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    There is a Place for You

    There is a Place for You “… and a place for fellowship, bible study & expression. By PASTOR MOK Recently, I was approached by someone relatively new to Georgetown Baptist Church. “Why does the church place so much emphasis on Cell Group?”, he asked. I responded that it is because we are meant to be a community of faith, relating with and encouraging one another. To facilitate this, GBC has put in place the Cell Group ministry.  What is Cell Group ministry really about? “… the early churches existed to facilitate and nurture godly communities by cultivating healthy relationship with each other who seek to encourage mutual edification, love and…