A church that desires to make an impact needs to pray earnestly on her knees. God has laid upon our hearts to be a church of prayer and worship for the city and the nation.

Join us for:

Upper Room Prayer
This is a place we have set apart to host the presence of God. The more we soak in His presence, the more He reveals His heart to us. We often come without an agenda, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in a time of worship and prayer.

IMPACT, 7:00am | Every Tuesday

Prayer Meeting
We meet to pray for church-wide ministries every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Every other Wednesday, small groups meet to pray at various locations.

IMPACT, 8:15pm |Alternate Wednesday (If unsure, speak to our social media team)

Prayer Closet
GBC’s Prayer Closet is a place for individuals to spend quiet moments by themselves to seek the Lord, soak in His presence & hear from Him. It was set up as part of a broader strategy to help individuals connect with God and in the process to raise the level of prayer & intercession of individuals and of the church. We want to encourage everyone to make use of this facility.

IMPACT, 7:00am – 7:00pm | Daily

You’d like to know more about our ministry, time and place? We’d love to speak to you! Chat with our social media team directly via Facebook Messenger.