Sunday Service Protocols

During these challenging times, we will do our best to ensure your worship experience at IMPACT is safe. Kindly observe the Federal and State Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as follow.

General Standard Operating Procedure For Gatherings In GBC’s IMPACT Building

  1. Children below 12 years old are not allowed.
  2. Those 70 years old and above are allowed, provided that they are healthy. However, we encourage those who are suffering from chronic illnesses to join the service online, rather than join the in-person service.
  3. Those who suffer from cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, runny nose and sneezing should stay home. 
  4. Non-Malaysians (with valid visas) are allowed. 
  5. Everyone, without exception, is required to register (for contact tracing purposes). On weekdays and Saturdays, register at the guard station.
    • You may register via PgCare with your smartphone, or
    • register your name and mobile number on a hardcopy record 
  6. Each person’s temperature will be measured and those with temperature >37.5C will not be allowed. On weekdays and Saturdays, do this at the guard station. 
  7. Wearing face-masks is required, including during services, seminars and the like.
    Bring your own face-masks and wear them before you enter the building from the carpark.
  8. Social distancing is required, including seating at least 1m apart and avoiding physical contact.
    • For meeting rooms (apart from Level 3 Hall), seats must be at least 1m apart from one another. Exact location of a seat must be clearly marked on the floor.
    • Seats that cannot be used in Level 3 Hall must be clearly indicated.
  9. Only a maximum of 4 persons are allowed in the lift.
  10. On weekdays and Saturdays, you may enter the building through the Level 1 Lobby only.
  11. Everyone must leave the premises once the service/event is over.

Specific Process And Controls For Sunday (English) Service

  1. Remember to put on your face-mask.
  2. You may take the lift up to Level 3 from Level 1 only.(Entry into the lift will be cordoned off at the Basement and at Level 2 also.)
  3. Parking bays at Level 1 will be reserved for those who have difficulty walking or climbing stairs.
  4. Observe “No Entry” signs wherever they are put up.
  5. Between 10AM – 10.45AM:
  6. Ushers will measure your temperature at Level 1 lobby or at Level 2 passage.
  7. Register yourself at Level 1 lobby or Level 2 passage if you register via hardcopy.
  8. If you register via PgCare QR code, you may register where the QR code is displayed (carpark, L1 lobby & L2 passage )
  9. Outside of the time slot above, measure your temperature and register at the guard station
  10. Use the hand-sanitizers provided at L1, L2, L3 and the guard station.
  11. We will not pass the offering bag around. Instead, we invite you to put your giving/offering (cash/cheque) into the collection boxes at the front of the hall/room after service.
  12. Oasis & Terrace (at Level 5) are closed areas, so please avoid going there.

We may adjust these processes as we along and will inform you if we do.

Infographic: Let’s embrace the new normal with new Sunday Service protocols.
Procedures when entering IMPACT building.
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