There is a Place for You

There is a Place for You

“… and a place for fellowship, bible study & expression.


Recently, I was approached by someone relatively new to Georgetown Baptist Church. “Why does the church place so much emphasis on Cell Group?”, he asked. I responded that it is because we are meant to be a community of faith, relating with and encouraging one another. To facilitate this, GBC has put in place the Cell Group ministry. 

What is Cell Group ministry really about?

“… the early churches existed to facilitate and nurture godly communities by cultivating healthy relationship with each other who seek to encourage mutual edification, love and accountability.

Cell Group in general refers to a small group of people who are committed to do life together and build up one another in their faith. Some refer to this as “life group” or “home group”. Regardless of the term used to define the act of developing a biblical community, we learn in Acts 2:42-47, that the early churches facilitated and nurtured godly communities by cultivating healthy relationship and mutual edification, love and accountability.

In the next few blogs, I will discuss how Cell Group is used by GBC to build biblical communities and why there is room for every individual in Cell Group – for fellowship, bible study, care & outreach.

GBC encourages you [in your walk of faith] to worship not alone but alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Read our “Made for Community” page to learn more.

Do you think Cell Group plays an important role today? Discuss in the comments section below.

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